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Kayros Kayaking

Kayros Kayaking
Utuado, P.R
Embarcadero Lago Dos Bocas 00641

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What a beauty! Puerto Rico is filled with so many breaths taking sights. If you want to see beauty take this tour! Kayros Kayaking is a growing tour that is unique and gives you a challenge. It definitely isn’t your normal tour group.

What it consists of:

You start with a brief introduction of what you will see and how to kayak. Each tour goes a different route but you will see the same sights. The tour group takes pictures throughout your exertion and uploads into their Facebook page or sends it directly to you. Once you are in the kayak you paddle for 5 miles in a lake into a river. (Yes, 5 miles of paddling it’s a challenge but pretty fun to do). After reaching a stopping point you will need to walk about another mile but through the mile, you will have stopping points. The 1st stopping point is an area where you can jump into a deep area of the river. 2nd Stop is a beautiful little waterfall that you can go into and enjoy. 3rd stop you will need to climb a steep mountain to see the gorgeous huge waterfall you see in the picture below.waterfall The water is cold but once you are in you won’t want to get out! Once you climb back down and walk the mile back to the kayak boats. Your 4th stop will be half way through your kayak which is another waterfall that you will need to climb a rock to get to the waterfall. (This is the picture below; It is actually bigger than it looks in the picture.)

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Once you are back at your starting point you will definitely feel exhausted but you will feel as if you have achieved more than you thought you could.

What you need:

  • Athletic long pants and long shirt: The sun is definitely a killer (take it from someone who got 1st-degree sunburn) Sunscreen will work but keep in mind it is a 5-6 hour adventure within the water. You tend to forget to reapply sunscreen.
  • Water! Water! Water! The tour group does not provide water so its best to have a lot of bottle water. You will need it. We took 1 water bottle each and we ended up drinking from the waterfalls. lol (The waterfall water actually is refreshing!)
  • Snacks: I wouldn’t bring heavy food since your constantly on the move. They will give you multiple breaks to eat but not a long time.
  • Boots! Well not really I’m over exaggerating lol. But sneakers that you are willing to get destroyed! I had water shoes and they worked perfectly just make sure it has a hard bottom you will be walking on rocks.
  • Change of clothes: You will get soaked, dirty, and who knows what else. You will not want to get in the car with the clothes you have. They do have bathrooms for you to change in.
  • A gallon of water: This is so you can wash off before changing into your clothes. They do not have showers on the property.
  • Water repellent bag or a bag you don’t mind getting wet: Your belongings will get wet so ensure anything you don’t want to get wet is sealed or left behind.


Kayros Kayak sometimes has specials. Before booking check in google to see if any specials are out there. If no specials are being given the regular price is $100 per person.

Travel Stop Review:

Travel Stop highly recommends Kayros Kayak. It is not your normal tour group which gives it that sense of mystery and adventure. The tour guides are friendly and are with you the entire time. You can see more reviews on Kayros Kayaking Facebook Page

Definitely, email me if you try out Kayros Kayaking I would love to hear your experience!


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