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Comedy on Deck Tours

Comedy on Deck Tours
Grand Canyon West
(Pick up location Las Vegas, Nevada)

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The Grand Canyon is the definition of why I travel. It shows you that there is so much more to the world than we know. This is a must see once in your life and Comedy on Deck Tour is a great tour group to go with.

What it consists of:

The tour group begins with picking you up at your hotel between 6am-6:30 am. (You may have to walk to another close by hotel depending on how many people booked in your hotel.) Once everyone is picked up they drive to a breakfast location where you can choose from 6 options. The breakfast is delicious and perfect to start your morning. (Do not worry you won’t be there too long, they have great timing.) By 8:30 you will arrive at the Hoover Dam…


Be ready to climb steps, A LOT of steps but no worries the view is worth it. Plenty of opportunities for a picture including Welcome to Nevada sign…


So here is a funny story there is a point when you are standing in between Nevada and Arizona; the tour guide told us this as we walked past the line. I thought it was a joke since you know we are on a Comedy tour. We got to the Grand Canyon and saw shot glasses that said Arizona and I told my boyfriend “Why does it say Arizona if the guy was only joking?” That’s when my boyfriend looked at me with the look of are you serious? And I realize the Grand Canyon West Rim is in Arizona. Sorry for the slow moment everyone. (Lol)

Back to the tour, it takes about an hour and a half drive to get to the Grand Canyon in which will you will be able to enjoy a little less than 4 hours. You get picked up by different buses at the main terminal where you can pick 2 different stops.
1st stop Eagle Point: This is where the Skywalk is located. It is not included with the tour you will have to pay an extra $25. Keep in mind that you can not take any cameras or cell phones on the Skywalk.
There is an Indian Village that you would be able to walk through and see.
2nd Stop Guano Point: My absolute favorite! Here is where you can climb to experience a 360 view that is a little scary but so worth it!
This is also where you will redeem your lunch. Let me tell you this was the best lunch we had in our entire vacation! You get the option of pulled pork or chicken. My boyfriend and I love to get different options so we can try both and man did I want to eat both plates! You also get corn, mash potato, and dinner roll. You will definitely enjoy it but don’t wait too late to eat the line can get pretty long since it is the only place you can eat.
It takes about 10 minutes to get back to the main terminal so keep that in mind when planning how long you will spend in each location my advice spend a lot of your time at the 2nd stop.
Once you leave you will have a 3 and half hour relaxing drive back.
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What you need:

  • Sneakers: Definitely wouldn’t go with any other shoes since there is a lot of walking and climbing.
  • Camera: The scenery is definitely worth capturing


Regular price $209
Definitely, check Groupon for specials or Comedy on Deck website

Travel Stop Review:

Grand Canyon is worth visiting and what better way to see it than having someone with great energy take you through it. Comedy on Deck Tour is extremely professional and organized. Although the price seems high everything you experience will be worth the cost.

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