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Let me clear up the rumors about flying with Spirit Airlines.

Person: “What Airlines do you fly?”
Logo EPSMe: “Spirit”
Person: “Why? I would never fly Spirit!”
Me: “Why not?”
Person: “I had an issue with them before….”

(And that is when the conversation typically ends)

Just recently I converted my boyfriend from Spiritless to Spirit-Flyer. My boyfriend was Spiritless (that’ll be the name for people who don’t have Spirit Airlines in their life) until I gave him no choice to fly with them because I bought the tickets. As we got on the flight he started with “the seats are uncomfortable” Me: (Pull out a blanket and a small pillow) Boyfriend: “They don’t give out snacks?” Me: (pulls out a bag of his favorite chips) “Anything else?” As soon as we get off the plane I was ecstatic to hear him say “I don’t know why people don’t fly Spirit it was like any other airlines but cheaper.” Score for Victoria! I converted him!

Let me start by saying when people say Spirit they also say CHEAP! Yes in a good and bad way. But Spiritless only talk about the bad so let’s start with that.
Bad: Their seats are small and uncomfortable, they charge for snacks and drinks, they charge for luggage, at the end you pay the same as other airlines, their flights get delayed, and the list goes on.
Here are my comments right back to these reasons…

Their seats are small and comfortable; UPGRADE! If you cannot deal with the seats the airlines choose you can get a comfortable and large seat for about $12* more (give or take). Yes that is more money spent but hey you are paying an extremely low price for the flight, $12 won’t hurt. I recently flew Spirit in May to Puerto Rico and their planes had been upgraded!! Everything is brand new so take advantage. I was a little too over excited pointing out everything they changed from the seats to the flight attendants uniform. True Spirit Flyer over here.

They charge for snacks and drinks; this one is funny but true but who really gets excited about free peanuts on an airplane? Not me! Here is a travel tip… I always bring my own snacks and pack an empty bottle to fill up water from the fountain. At the end I win because I get to bring whatever snack makes me excited to eat (not just a bag of peanuts or a cookie).

They charge for luggage; I can totally understand this one but other airlines do too it is just hidden in their fees and you can’t really see it because they do not give you a full break down. My advice to you is 1. Pack light (keep in mind you can bring a regular size backpack for free) this also saves the worry of them “losing your luggage”. 2. Sign up for their $9 fare club I realize how much cheaper the bags can be with this club. Yes, it cost but at the end, you save on flights and bag charges. Totally worth it!

You pay the same price as other airlines; FALSE! FALSE! And FALSE! You have to plan wisely and with time. Shoot me an email if you want my secrets! Wink. Wink. The best way to test this theory out is by using Google flights. They pull up all the flights by price range and about 70% of the time (give or take) Spirit is #1. Yes, that’s even with the bag fees, I have checked. One main way to keep the cost low is by signing up for the $9 fare club (as stated before). I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t discover this sooner. I could have saved a lot more money and earn points.

Their flight gets delayed; I always fly spirit and have only had it delayed once by an hour but guess what? It didn’t affect me because I didn’t have a place and time I needed to be present. In my opinion, NEVER fly to your destination the same day you have to be present somewhere; this goes for any airlines. Things happen it may be out of Spirit control (like weather, mechanical issues, etc.). If you have a connecting flight try to choose Spirit because they will hold the flight for you or make sure you have a long layover. A vacation isn’t a vacation when you are rushing to be at a certain place at a certain time. Next time you decide to fly plan 1 day just for flying and when your flight gets delayed you will still feel like Vacation Mode.

Travel Stop Review:

To answer the question of “Why I fly Spirit”; I have many reasons but I will sum it up so you can spend more time booking your next flight with Spirit. Their Customer Service is never disappointing; I have flown spirit numerous times and have never had a customer service issue. They are always friendly and willing to help. Erin could not have said it any better “Just play by their rules, read every page (don’t get lazy and skim), upgrade to the big comfy seat, and you’ll have an AWESOME experience.” AMEN Spirit sister! PLAY BY THE RULES! This goes for any airlines, you cannot expect them to make exceptions just for you, all though they try to they have to be fair to all flyers. Yes I have flown other airlines and having a movie to watch, Wi-Fi connection, and comfortable seats are a huge plus but I have a double plus with Spirit. I get to download my own movie of my choice on my phone or tablet, I get to disconnect from the world not by choice which I never get to do and I don’t care about a comfortable chair because I am too excited thinking about how close I am to my vacation!
Spirit truly cares about their customers just recently they upgraded their planes, retrained their staff and kept their prices low. In no way am I receiving any compensation for this post I am writing this post completely by choice because I want to encourage everyone to try Spirit. Flights don’t have to cost a lot as long as you are okay with not having a luxury travel. Remeber the cheaper the flight the more booked flights!!
With that being said I hope this clears up any rumors you have heard and will fly Spirit. Hey with that extra cash you can book Travel Stop to plan your excursions during your trip. Double win!!
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