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From St.Thomas to The Baths (Virgin Gorda)

Virgin Gorda BVI- Baths

Hey, fellow travelers! Guess where I went? VIRGIN GORDA! Bucket List… Check.
My excitement is still taking over me. I have visited St. Thomas USVI about 4 times (Here’s a secret I am actually from there)  and each time I fail to go see The Baths. (For those of you who don’t know what the Baths are, you are missing out! The Baths are a unique geologic formation of rocks on a beach.) This visit I was determined to go I did my research and the expense to attend was adding up from the boat ride fee ($70) to customs ($65), to taxi ($20), to entrance fee ($3), snorkeling gear ($20 a cheap one) and food ($40 Breakfast & Dinner). Slowly the cost was adding up and then the worry of not being able to see everything I was supposed to see I thought I wouldn’t be able to go. So what did I do as an Excursion Agency? I booked with Cruz Bay Watersport and this is how it went…

What it consists of:

Arrival time to the Ritz Carrolton Hotel was 7:15 am to complete customs paperwork. Once the paperwork is completed you will be taken to your boat; we had Breakaway 2. Once everyone is on the boat around 8:00 am it is time for an amazing 1 hour and a half boat ride (give or take).
Let me pause here for a side thought; one of my all time favorite moments in life is when I am on a boat, no one talk to me I am focusing on the water and the ocean line. In that moment I am thinking that there is so much more to this world than we can imagine. When you take this excursion think about it when you look out to the ocean you’ll realize all your problems are just specks in the world because the ocean runs for miles and miles.
Well, you are enjoying your boat ride they give you complimentary breakfast (by the way do not expect a buffet remember you’re on a boat) they serve muffins, fruits, and unlimited drinks. After customs, you arrive in British Virgin Islands Virgin Gorda!!!!! A quick Taxi ride and you are at the Baths. (The tour has 2 taxi buses ready for you so you do not have to wait.) At this point, my excitement was building up! Once we arrived they gave us 2 options; 1 tour on your own or 2 tours with them. I highly advise touring with the group if it is your first time. I would have never been able to figure out all the spots if I went on my own.

During the tour, you will hike! Okay let me stop exaggerating; you will have a rough path to walk, you will have climbing, crawling, and fitting in small space but the views are worth it! The first stop you will have about 15 minutes to swim around captures some pictures. There will be a few other stops to capture amazing pictures! The walk through the baths takes around 45 minutes to an hour which leaves you some time to swim around the beach. Lunch is at 11:15 and let me tell you it was a delicious lunch! (Plus side the view!)

During your boat ride they hand out the menu for you to pick your lunch; some options are Hamburger, Chicken Sandwich, Salad, and a few others. You won’t have to worry about rushing to find food or wait for the food just go up to the restaurant and they bring the lunch you picked. Simple, easy, and delicious! Back on the boat, you go for about an hour snorkel at Norman Island, snorkels are provided. At this point, they offer unlimited alcoholic beverages (Dark and Light Rum and Painkiller). Once all is done you go back to customs to become an American again (Breakaway 2 crew’s joke lol). The tour is from check-in time 7:15 am to around 4:30 pm so plan for a whole day event!

What you need:

  • Passport!!!
  • I would advise water shoes. I wore sandals and it did not work very well when it came to the walking paths.
  • A snack, being in the water all day tends to get people hungry and though there are drinks on the boat there aren’t any snacks.
  • Sunscreen (Spray Sunscreen is not allowed on the boat)


Adults $185 +Customs $65
Kids (12 and under) $92.50 +Customs $65

If you book online you can save 10%
Cruz Bay WaterSport Website

Tours from St. Thomas are only provided on Tuesday and Thursday

Travel Stop Review:

Okay, to be honest, I was kind of iffy on this tour when it started. My thoughts went a little like this “That’s it for breakfast?” “I thought there were alcoholic beverages?” “The tour of the baths is going too fast.”  “This is too expensive just for this.” This was all right when the tour started so of course, I didn’t give it time. On our way back to St. Thomas I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face of how happy I was. At the end, I regretted all the negative thoughts I had. The crew on Breakaway 2 was phenomenal!!!! They are young full of energy, knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Yes, people may say “Oh they have to because they want a tip.” No, they do not have to be friendly you can tell they truly enjoy what they do and want you to feel the same way! Hands down A+++ for the crew!
At first, I was upset of how little time it felt we had in the bath but then I realize if I was to go on my own or on the boat serves I would’ve had less time. I was able to get a taste of what the bath is and how it looks. Next time I know I will definitely go and stay a weekend at Virgin Gorda to experience it fully.
The tour was extremely organized and well worth every penny spent! The tour was stress and planning free, Cruz Bay Watersports took care of everything you just had to show up and have fun. Travel Stop would highly recommend anyone and everyone to take the tour with Cruz Bay Watersports!

With that being said can’t wait for you to experience nature’s beauty at The Baths! Don’t forget to check out @TravelStop_ on Instagram for videos and pictures of Virgin Gorda.


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